We are a pioneer consulting firm passionate about Service Excellence and committed to helping those we work with create and sustain remarkable customer experiences.

Established in 2008, we remain the only consulting firm dedicated to creating a mind shift in customer service knowledge, standards and delivery in the region.

Our vision - To Transform Africa through Service Excellence – inspires us to champion Service Excellence at all levels and in all sectors of industry.

Our approach to Customer Service is holistic and seeks to entrench a culture of service by placing customers at the heart of the business. We achieve this for our clients by helping them develop and implement a Service Strategy that is aligned to the organization's corporate strategy, culture, people and processes.

Our Services
  • • Service Excellence Gap Assessment
  • • Engaging the Senior Teams
  • • Customer Experience Design/ Service Charter & Standards Development
  • • Customer Service Strategy Development

  • • Service Metric Tools Development
  • • Training Certification
  • • Customized Training
  • • Mystery Shopping Services
  • • Customer satisfaction survey

Whether you call it Service Excellence, Customer Service, Customer Care or Customer Experience, it all boils down to the same thing. The Customers' and how your organization is creating value for them so they keep coming back.

We believe that when a customer buys a product or a service, they also buy an experience. For customers to keep coming back, their experiences must be memorable across all points of interaction with the organization. Not just once in a while, but consistently.

Therefore, how an organization serves customers should not be left to chance, but should be a carefully thought-out and deliberate process. An organization must commit to a total service culture, where the focus on customers and customers' needs become the center of every plan, process and behavior in the organization.

Customer Service is an Attitude. A Philosophy. A Culture.

It should be a key pillar of any strategy. It is everyone's responsibility and should be driven from the board level, championed by the MD/CEO and the senior management team.

Entrenching a Service Culture is a journey that requires a holistic approach and sustained focus over time. To achieve this, we guide our Clients through our Service Excellence Programme (SEP) that has four phases.

The result is an effective Service Strategy that articulates a clear Customer Experience with a measurement system to track and improve service performance.

Our SEP is suitable and beneficial for any organization, whether large or small and in whatever sector. We customize the SEP for each Client we work with because organizations are different and will be at different stages in the Service Excellence journey.

The Service Excellence Programme may be implemented as an independent initiative or as part of a change programme for example re-branding exercise, ISO Certification or an IT System Implementation.


The leadership team's commitment to implementing a Service Culture is critical. Our first priority is therefore to work with the Leadership Team to enhance understanding and appreciation of what a "Customer-Centric Culture" would mean for the organization and what it would take to achieve it.

We also identify perceptions of the current service from customers, employees, and partners through a range of qualitative and quantitative methods. These insights form the basis for the Service Strategy.


We guide your Management Team and other Service Champions, to develop a Service Strategy that will:

  • Articulate your Customer Experience, define/refine Service Standards and identify staff attitudes and behaviors required to deliver the Promise;

  • Instill ownership and gain commitment to the Service Strategy across the organization; and

  • Identify Service Metrics and develop the tools that will be used to track and improve service performance against the defined standards.


The Service Strategy is as good as the paper it is written on. Until the service initiatives are executed and results visible, the Service Excellence journey will not have truly begun.

We guide and support you to implement the Service Strategy. The extent of our engagement will depend on the internal capacity to implement the Strategy.

A critical part in the implementation phase is training of staff to impart the defined behavior and attitudes as well as knowledge and skills to deliver the defined Customer Experience.

The CS Training Programme includes both customized and internationally certified programmes. Click here for more details on our Training Programme.


Once implementation of your Service Excellence Plan is well underway, we work with you to ensure that not only do you stay on track, but that you continuously identify opportunities for further improvement.

We facilitate review sessions to track implementation of the service initiatives to identify exactly what is working and what may require further refinement.

We deliver Certification, Customized and Open Training Programmes. All our programmes are designed to develop and enhance staff's understanding and appreciation of the role of service excellence to an organization's success, impart critical customer service knowledge and skills and promote customer-centric behaviour and attitudes.

Certification Programmes:
Our Certification Programmes are on-line, and designed to bring about clear and specific improvements in job performance. They are of high quality and accredited by Association of Business Practitioners,

Customized Programmes:
We customize training programmes to meet your specific needs and requirements. The Programmes are targeted at the different levels of the organization:
  • Frontline Staff:
    Training to enhance the behaviour, knowledge and skills required to provide great service. Typical modules include Communication, Team Work, Dealing with angry customers, Service Recovery and Emotional Intelligence

  • Team Leaders/ Managers' & HODs:
    Training to enhance the behaviour, knowledge and skills required to drive a culture of Service Excellence within the team.

  • All Staff/Company Wide:
    Training to enhance the behaviour, knowledge and skills to support an internal culture of service.

Open Programmes:
Our open programmes are offered at specific times of the year. They are designed to be activity based so that participants who are often from diverse backgrounds and organizations understand and apply the content to their specific roles and organizations. They include the following:

  • Customer Relations with Phone Coach

  • Selling on the Telephone with Phone Coach

  • At Your Service

Our team of Associate Consultants, Facilitators and Trainers is well experienced and have a combined experience of over 40 years. They are all professionals that are passionate about Service Excellence and have worked with staff cutting across all levels of the organizations, and in different sectors of industry, in Kenya and the region.

We have partnered with other organizations to bring you best practice knowledge and tools, including the following:

For Gap Assessment Tools and Certification Programmes.

For 'Customer Relations with Phone Coach' & Selling on the Telephone with Phone Coach' – two unique programmes that utilize the Phone Coach equipment to make the training hands-on and practical.

For Mystery Shopping services.

  • 1 "I have realized that everything is within my power when it comes to giving our customers a memorable customer experience" Anne Muhindi Click Here for more testimonials
  • 2 "I have gained a passionate desire to offer the best attitude, and a strong belief that I can make it no matter what" Davis Omondi Click here for more testimonials
  • 2 “The course sharpened my confidence and skills to deal with external and internal customers.” Japheth Matheka. Click here for more testimonials

If you would like to be part of raising the bar on how service excellence is delivered in your organization, or share your experiences, then get in touch with us, lets talk and create an impact
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